Monday, October 27, 2014

Spear Farm Preserve Nature Walk- Invasives.

Tuesday November 28th we will go to Spear Farm Preserve off of Bayview Street.

Here is a map of the preserve.

Some Pictures from today's trip.

Think about these questions on our field trip and complete them when we return.  Be sure to use complete sentences and proper mechanics.

  1. What are some native, non-native and invasives found in Yarmouth Green Spaces?

  1. What kinds of things do conservation management specialists need to think about when they deal with invasive species?

  1. What current practices are University of Maine systems and Royal River Trust doing to combat invasives in Yarmouth?

  1. What kind of impact have humans had in Yarmouth introducing invasive species?  How did they get here?

  1. What kind of things can you do to help manage some invasive species?

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