Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Scientific Toolbox

This year we will be taking on the view that science is like a toolbox.  This idea is that science draws on a suite of methods, not just one (the scientific method).  

Our classes completed a reading on Asteroids and Dinosaurs and then generated a list of science process skills that showed "good" science.  Here are their lists.

Taz Devils Science Toolbox List:
  • use trial and error
  • need to have patience
  • analyze data and information
  • gather and collect data
  • look for patterns
  • double check work and validate
  • make observations
  • look at different points of view
  • think out of the box
  • question things
  • communicate and collaborate
  • make connections
  • questions others work
  • experiment
  • work off previous ideas
  • share their work with others
  • support ideas with evidence
  • use their imagination
  • research subject matter
  • ask for help

Tweetie Birds Science Toolbox List:
  • learn
  • observe
  • open to different ideas
  • question everything
  • think outside the box
  • run tests and experiment
  • use imagination
  • work hard and take time
  • determination, don’t give up
  • collect data
  • double check answers and validate
  • create different theories
  • share information and collaborate
  • make connections
  • use trial and error
  • try to make things easier/ simple
  • make predictions with evidence
  • fail→ retry and reform ideas
  • reject theories
  • create hypothesis

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